Jan 18, 2020
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About This Site

Wonder Space by L3ON (Leon) is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License (unless otherwise noted).
I've been blogging since 2020. In the earliest days I was using Markdown files to generate a static blog to deploy on GitHub Page. In March 2022, I rebuilt my blog here and moved some of my posts over to get better performance and faster response.
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About Me

👨‍💻 You can call me Leon, I'm an undergraduate law student in China. Messing with these "tech stuff" has always been my hobby. Without systematic professional learning, I am just groping for these things by myself, and I always feel that my skills needs to be improved, so don't worry about pointing out my mistakes or improprieties directly.
I have a wide range of interests, mainly blogging, technology, movies, TV shows, music, photography, design, etc. I post very irregularly here some recent insights, including interesting projects, movie and drama reviews, and even some essays that I feel inspired to write.
📮 I can be contacted via:
As for my nickname "Wonder Boy", it comes from the American TV show Person of Interest, which I thought was a bit cool (?) at the time. So I used this somewhat childish nickname and never changed it.

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